One of the first things people think about when deciding to sell their home is how to make improvements to it that will add value and make it more favorable in the eyes of motivated buyers. We’ve all heard how important it is to remove clutter, family photos from the walls etc, but one tool that is especially important many people overlook is the simple paint brush!

Painting the interior of your home is one of the least expensive ways of increasing its perceived value in the eyes of motivated buyers. Let’s face it, nothing beats the smell of a freshly painted room. It makes it feel new, and buyer’s love it when a home they are looking at feels new! Painting can also hide any dings, scuffs, hairline cracks and chips in the walls.

The only way you can really go wrong with a paint brush (other than splattering paint all over the woodwork and carpet) is to choose colors that don’t match or are considered dated. Remember, just because you are selling a home in Wisconsin doesn’t mean every buyer is going to dig red and white as a badgers fan or green and gold either!

When Choosing Colors Go With The Flow

Your best bet when choosing what colors to use is to not pick the colors yourself. Your design tastes may be spot on, or they could be way off. Don’t risk being wrong and let others decide for you. Ask people at the paint store what the popular colors are, check out interior design magazines and websites for suggestions. This is the best way to play it safe when it comes to color selection.

wisconsin-property-valueTake measurements of the region to be painted so you can estimate the quantity of paint that you’ll need. Look for paint with ColorLock technology as it tends to hide underlying colors better. Metallic paint may be a terrific alternate to the normal latex paint, which is usually utilized in interior painting. In any circumstance, the most suitable paint and the correct technique, will earn an excellent reward in most circumstances.

Also, don’t rule out digital painting apps that can assist you in choosing popular colors. Digital painting is done with the support of websites which make it possible for you to upload the photographs of your house, or you may use a photograph that can be found on the site, and pick the colors for the various elements.


There are essentially 3 types of colours, i.e., warm colours, cool colours, and neutral colours. You have to browse through different colours and select a group of colours that you would prefer a room to be painted in. With some excellent ideas, you can yourself choose the interior colours, and paint your house utilizing interesting designs. Thus, it is definitely important to select the right colours, that feel inviting and homely. Neutral colors are probably the most popular with Wisconsin home sellers.

Also, don’t rule out paying a painting company to come in and paint your home’s interior for you. After speaking with a realtor in regards to pricing, and getting a good home value estimate you should have an idea of where you will stand financially when your home sells. Factor this into how much you can afford in hiring a good painter.

There’s a lot a home owner can do to a home prior to putting it up for sale on the Wisconsin real estate market. But whatever you do, never under estimate the power of the paintbrush in attracting motivated buyers to your home!