If you have Wisconsin recreation land or hunting land you are thinking about listing for sale, knowing the current market value of the land can be a great first step to take.  Good hunting land is becoming more and more difficult to find.  Especially in areas of the state where deer hunting is popular.  Which is pretty much everywhere there are trees, marsh or fields!

hunting property value estimate

Many hunters in the state purchase land for the sole reason of pursuing one of the country's most elusive game animals: the cunning and wary antlered doe.  Land with suitable habitat for this particular species continues to be at a premium throughout the state.

The first step is to ask yourself "How Much Is My Hunting Land Worth", as this will give you something solid to expect as far as what you might get for it should it sell.  For a fast and free land value estimate use the form on the right.‚Äč

Listing hunting land for sale in Wisconsin can be tricky due to all of the different factors involved in a good quality listing that will attract the right type of buyers.  Nowadays buyers want to know specifics on the land.  Soil type is a popular question, for example.  With deer food plots becoming so popular many hunting land buyers are curious what type of soil is present because this can have major impact on the types of food plot crop options are available to them.

Some areas of the state, Sauk, Columbia counties for example, feature very sandy, well drained soil.  Hunters accustomed to planting food plots that grow well in clay based soils might have to consider a strategy change because the same type of plants that do well in moist loam, may not grow well at all in sandy turf.

Lots of deer hunters interested in a particular land plot will probably want to see trail cam photos of deer on the property, as well as photos of large Wisconsin whitetails taken by hunters hunting on the land over the past several deer seasons.  Good genetics can go a long way in producing monster whitetails, and this type of evidence can be a great sales tool.

Realtors experienced in selling WI hunting land often know the nearby land owners and can get reports detailing large bucks shot in the in past hunting seasons.  This can be a great way to get potential buyers excited and eager to find out more about a particular property.

ATVing is another popular recreational past time that people are interested in buying land for.  It can be a challenge to find public land open to ATV and off road vehicle use.  So the thought of owning a plot of land riddled with ATV trails is a popular one indeed.

And of course tree stand availability is also a major selling factor.  If you intend to sell WI hunting property‚Äč and there are several good quality, safe tree stands in the area then this can be a mojor sales point.  Deer hunters love hunting from elevated platforms. It allows them to see better, and it's usually safer as well.  Having treestands erected can be a great selling point.

How Much Is My Hunting Land Worth